Hi, I’m Andrea

Hi, my name is Andrea, nice to meet you!

I’m a PhD student at the University of Gloucestershire, where I do research on ambidexterity. Now, you may think ambi… what? Don’t worry, most people do so, which is why I explain on these pages in a nutshell the concept of ambidexterity and what my research topic is about.

Just to give you a head start: ambidexterity in the medical sense means the ability to use both hands equally well. However, the term is also used to describe the ability of people and organisations to be highly efficient and creative at the same time. This is the phenomenon I’m investigating within my research.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable corporate development, strategic management, ambidexterity
  • Trend research, strategic foresight, scenario management
  • Technology and innovation management, digital ethics
  • Cognitive psychology, individual decision making, creativity

Professional Bio

With a strong background in software engineering and an EMBA in Innovation Management, I currently work for Swiss Post as Innovation Manager.

You can find my complete CV in PDF format here or join my network on LinkedIn or Xing.

Athletic Achievements

It happens that I get asked why I did not start my PhD until I was forty years old. One reason for this is my passion for sports.

During my previous career as a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter I have learned to stay focused and keep moving forward every day. These skills prove to be quite useful in a huge project like a doctoral thesis;-)

Following you can find a short overview of my greatest achievements in sports.

(Please note that I have achieved all these results under my maiden name Andrea Zürcher)


2011 IFBB Fibo Pro, Essen (GER)
– 6th place

2011 IFBB Pro-Card (obtaining professional status)

2010 International German Championships, Wiesloch (GER)
– 1st place
– Overall Winner

2010 Juliette Bergmann Classic, Schiedam (NLD)
– 2nd place

2010 Body-Xtreme Invitational, Mainz (GER)
– 1st place

2009 International German Championships
– 1st place

2009 IFBB World Championships, Como (ITA)
– 9th place

2008 IFBB World Championships, Santa Susanna (ESP)
– 7th place


2003 European Championships, Nancy (FRA)
– World record squat (250kg)
– European record deadlift (210kg)
– European record powerifting total (560kg)
– Overall winner over women and men with 960.4 points

2002 World Cup, Innsbruck (AUT)
– European record squat (201kg)
– European record deadlift (205kg)
– Overall winner

2002 European Championships, Schmöln (GER)
– Disqualified (suffered multiple arm fractures during world record attempt in the squat)

2001 Junior World Cup, Amberg (GER)
– European record squat (155kg)
– European record deadlift (155kg)
– Overall winner

2002 and 2003 Best SPC Powerlifter